Information center

Prefectural Information Center

Prefectural information centers are located in the center of the four Shikoku prefectures to provide information support for travelers.
Please stop by for check-in procedures and consultation before starting your trail.

Service Details

  • Check-in and check-out procedures
  • Introduction and guidance on recommended routs
  • Public transportation information
  • Receipt of participation certificates
  • Luggage storage and delivery (in preparation)
  • Rental of bicycles (in preparation)

Tokushima International Exchange Center

Address:Clement Plaza 6F, 1-61 Terashima Honcho Nishi, Tokushima CityTokushima City
Open:Monday~Sunday, 10:00~18:00

Kochi Tourist Information Center Tosateras

Address:2-10-17 Kitahonmachi, Kochi City
Open:Monday~Sunday, 8:30~18:00

Matsuyama City Tourist Information Center

Address:JR Matsuyama Station, 1-14-1 Minami-Edo, Matsuyama City
Open:Monday~Sunday, 8:30~20:30

Kagawa & Takamatsu Tourist Information

Address:JR Takamatsu Station,1-20, Hamanocho, Takamatsu City
Open:Monday~Sunday, 9:00~20:00

Local Information Center

For each model course, there are stores, restaurants, and lodging facilities play the role of service centers, as they are knowledgeable about the local area. Please feel free to stop by. Detailed locations are shown on the course map of each model courses.

Contents of the Service

  • Provision of detailed information on the course
  • Public transportation information
  • Luggage storage and delivery (in preparation)

1Henro-no-SatoRest Hut
2Funa-no-SatoGuest House
2Minami Town Tourism Association(Road Station Hiwasa)Michi-no-eki(Road Station)
3Aki Tourist Information CenterInformation Center
3Inn Kacho-FugetsuGuest House
4Penshion Hirano & Cafe SORAGuest House
4Minshuku TamuraGuest House
5Uwajima City Tourist Information Center ShiroshitaInformation Center
5Ainan Town Office Branchi DEAI 21Town Office
6Kumakofgen-cho Tourism Association (Michinoeki Tenkuunosato Sansan)Michi-no-eki (Road Station)
6Cinnamon guest house DogoGuest House
7Warp Plaza (JR Iyo-misima Station 2F)Information Center
8Maeyama Shikoku Pilgrimage Community CenterCommunity Center
8Kappa DojoZen Center
9Minami Town Tourism Association (Road Station Hiwasa)Michi-no-eki (Road Station)
9Guest House & Kitchen MitsukaGuest House
9Minshuku TokumasuGuest House
9Aki Tourist Information CenterInformation Center
10Shimanto City Tourism Association (Tourist Information)Information Center
10Minshuku TamuraGuest House
10Tosashimizu-City Tourism Association (John mung Museum)Information Center
10Ainan Town Office Branchi DEAI 21Town Office
10Uwajima City Tourist Information Center ShiroshitaInformation Center