Local Information

This section introduces information on events and sightseeing received from the Local Information Center.

Route InformationRelease Date
4,10In December, “Ochi-ayu” fishing starts in the lower reaches of the Shimanto River. Ochi-ayu is a sweetfish that has come down the river to spawn. It tastes different from summer sweetfish, and is often boiled in salt. On the day the fishing season opens on December 1, many fishermen start fishing at the same time as the 6:30 a.m. signal in the morning mist. It is a spectacular sight. 2021.11.8
3,9“Ise-ebi”(Spiny lobsters) are now in season. Many ryokans on the Muroto Peninsula in Kochi offer to add them to your dinner with a reservation. If you have time and money to spare, please try it. 2021.11.5
4,10 The sea around Cape Ashizuri in Kochi Prefecture is a good fishing ground for “Goma saba” (mackerel). It can be caught all year round, but it is especially delicious in autumn and winter. The fresh Goma saba landed at Shimizu Port is popular as “Tosa Shimizu saba “. If you come across it at a restaurant, be sure to try it.2021.11.2
5,10The Uwajima City Date Museum is currently holding a special autumn exhibition entitled “Glimmer of Armor. On display are armor, helmets, swords and other items related to the feudal lords of Shikoku during the Middle Ages. The exhibition will last until November 28.2021.11.2
5,10Yoshida Town in Uwajima City is one of the leading producers of mandarin oranges in Japan, and you can enjoy mandarin orange picking at two farms until November 30. For more information, please visit the website of Uwajima City Tourist Information Center → https://www.uwajima.org/news/topics/post-14.html2021.11.2
1November 7th (Sun) is “Gosho’s Tarai Udon Day”. Udon stores in Donari-cho are offering discounts and a stamp rally. For more information, please visit the website of Aba City Tourism Association → https://www.awa-kankou.jp/blog/gourmet/10446/2021.11.1
4,5,10Some days from November to late February, the Dharma sunrise can be seen along the sea east of Ashizuri Cape. This is a phenomenon in which the sun rising from the horizon reflects off the surface of the sea and looks like an Ω (omega). On the west coast, there are also days when you can see a Dharma sunset.2021.11.1
4,5,10The six municipalities in the Hata area of Kochi Prefecture are offering a special lodging campaign called “Hata Tabi Coupon II”. The period is until February 28, 2022. For more information, please visit the special website → https://hata-kochi.jp/coupon2021/2021.11.1
4,5Kuroson Valley, located upstream of the Kuromon River, a tributary of the Shimanto River, is a famous place for viewing autumn leaves. The best time to visit is from early to mid-November. It is a little far from the Shikoku Henro Trail route, but there is a promenade along the river where you can enjoy walking.2021.10.6
4,5The Shimanto River basin has long been a source of chestnuts. At the Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) “Yotte Nishitosa”, roasted chestnuts and chestnut buns are sold only on weekends and are very popular. It may be a little off the route, but you should definitely try this special autumn flavor.2021.10.6
4From November 22 (Mon.) to 24 (Wed.), there will be an autumn festival called “Ichijo-taisai” in Shimanto City. The festival is being held on a reduced scale while taking measures against corona, but it is the first festival in a long time and local residents are looking forward to it. Place: Ichijo Shrine2021.10.6
4Whale-watching is available in Ogata and Tosashimizu in Kochi Prefecture. The season runs from March to the end of October.2021.10.6
8The best time to see the autumn leaves at Okuboji Temple, the 88th temple, is in late November. Please enjoy the autumn leaves of maple trees and large ginkgo trees.
Unfortunately, the annual “Maple Festival” at Roadside Station Nagao has been cancelled again this year.
3,9“The Ryoma Birthday Festival” is held every year on November 15th. This year’s event has not yet been announced, but if it is held, you can see the Yosakoi dance performance. Place : Kochi City Central Park, etc.2021.9.29
3,9Kochi’s specialty citrus fruits, such as “Suisyo-buntan” (from mid-October) and “Yuzu”(from the end of October), are in season !2021.9.29
3,9October to April is the fishing season for “Ise-ebi” (spiny lobster). Ikenoura in Susaki City is particularly famous as a production area in Kochi Prefecture. In the vicinity, you can enjoy them at relatively low prices that only a local production area can offer, so it is a good choice for those with a budget to spare.2021.9.29
4”Tsugani” from the Shimanto River comes into season in autumn. It is a member of the Shanghai crab family, born in the sea and raised in the river. It is rich and delicious. If you come across it at a restaurant, be sure to try it.2021.9.29
4“The Shimanto Citizen’s Festival Autumn Fireworks Event” is scheduled for Saturday, November 27th.
Place : Shimanto Riverbed Time : 19:30 – 20:00 In case of heavy rain, the event will be postponed to December 11, 2021.
1Cosmos is the “Flower of Awa City”. The cosmos flowers are in full bloom around Kirihataji, the 10th temple on the Shikoku pilgrimage , and everywhere else.2021.9.29
1On the 17th of every month, the Awa City Tourism Association offers a Osettai.
Place : Awa City Omotenashi Park (Pilgrimage hut No. 57), 5-1 Yoshida Shibafu, Donari-cho, Awa City, Tokushima Pref.