There is no overall start or finish point for Shikoku Henro Trail. You are free to choose your own course and walk from the start point of each course to the finish point. Please refer to the "Model Course" section of this website for details.ccordion Sample Description
AccordioPlease start walking from the starting point of each course. We have set up the course so that you can get to the starting point (trailhead) by using trains or buses. Please refer to the "Model Course" section of this website for details.n Sample Description
We designed each course to be walked in two to three days. Depending on your walking pace, it will take about a month to complete all 10 courses, including transportation.
If you exercise are a regularly, you can walk most of the model courses. However, some of the courses have steep hills and continuous ups and downs. The difficulty level, walking time, difference in elevation, etc. are indicated for each course, so please refer to the "Model Courses" section of this website for details. Also, the condition of the roads varies depending on the season, so please plan well in advance.
You can download it from each course page of the "Model Courses" section of this website. Please refer to the course map for various information such as the location of signposts, restrooms, and tourist attractions.
Restrooms are marked on the "Model Course" section of the official map. However, they may be closed suddenly, so also recommend that you bring a portable toilet just in case.
The strength of your connection depends on your individual service provider and a type cellphone you have. There are areas where it is difficult to get a signal in the mountainous areas of Tokushima and Kochi. It is not always possible to use a cellphone everywhere, so please be prepared not to rely too much on its functions.  
There are hotels, ryokans, minshuku, and shukubo(Temple stay)around the trail road. Commonly used lodging facilities are shown on the Google Map in the "Model Course" section of this website. Please also refer to the Lodging Information (in preparation) in the "便利帳" section of this website.
It is possible to stay in tents or in the field in designated areas. For details, please refer to the course map in the "Model Course" section of the website. Please do not sleep in areas other than designated area.
We recommend you wearing trekking shoes as there are some minor ups and downs and long walks on steep slopes. There are only a few stores around the course that sell trekking shoes, and they do not always have the right size, so please make sure you have the right shoes for you.
For travelers, each prefecture set up general service base in the center of each prefecture. In addition to check-in and out procedures, they introduce model courses, provide guidance, and hand out completion certificates. In the future, we are considering providing services such as luggage storage, delivery, and rental bicycle there (under preparation).
Once you check in, if you have any problems during your trip or need help due to disaster or injury, you can smoothly get in touch with the staff of the Shikoku Henro Trail Information Center. You can also consult with the staff of the Shikoku Henro Trail Information Center to see if there are any problems with your plan or if your preparations are adequate. You can also do this online, so please check in.
At least one service base is set up per course to assist travelers. They provide detailed local information and guidance on public transportation in their area. In many cases, local stores, restaurants, and lodging facilities that have been in business for many years play a role as service basess. Please feel free to stop by.
We may be able to arrange a guide from Shikoku Henro Guide Group. For those who wish to receive a general orientation, feel uneasy about walking alone, or want to enjoy nature, culture, and history more. Please contact us for details.