Cape Muroto Cycling Route


As the distances between temples are long on the Pacific coast, it is tough to go on foot. Cycling is rather recommended here because the roads are suitable for bikes.  Here is the course to enjoy cycling as well as making side trips.

On the first day, start from JR Hiwasa Station in Tokushima Prefecture. The route splits into two soon after Temple No.23. A scenic coastal road, Minami-awa Sun Line is recommendable, except there is up and down. The national road stretching inland is relatively flat. There are two temples to visit. One is the oldest zen temple in Shikoku, Jomanji, that offers a meditation experience.The other is Namikiri Fudoson. The entire ground covered with moss gives a mystical image. Choose your accommodation in the area in between Shishikui and Ozaki. There are individual differences in the distance to make in a day. If you go ahead as far as possible, you can afford extra time the next day.

On the second day, continue to Aki via Cape Muroto. The roads are mostly flat and easy, with many places for side trips en route. The tricky part is the way to Temples 24, 26, 27, located on hills. Cycling, hiking, or rather passing? Choose among three options depending on your strength and time available? You may want to take a break down the beach. From Nahari Town, you can detour to Monet’s Garden Marmottan, which replicated the renowned French painter’s garden. The 2km ascent to it is not so difficult by bike.

On the third day, head to the center of Kochi City. Continue along Cycling Road from Aki to Yasu while paying your attention to pedestrians. Then go along the inland countryside to Temple No.28. Avoid dirt trails ahead. There are many places to stop off not far from the course. Please download a map as a reference and enjoy a trip according to your interests.

Sea Turtle Museum Caretta

Jomanji Temple

Kiragawa Historic Street

Iokido Cave


Total distance: 215.0km(133.6mi) Level: Intermediate

1Hiwasa Station
Minami Awa SunLine
Overnight in Shisikui,Ozaki
Sea Turtle Museum Caretta
Senba-kaigai Cliff
Morasuco Mugi Seashell Museum
Jomanji Temple
Ikumi Surfing Beach
2Cape Muroto
Kiragawa Historic Street
Overnight in Aki
Meotoiwa Rock
Muroto Haiko Aquarium
Muroto UNESCO Geopark Center
Mikurodo Cave
Oka Goten
Monet’s Garden Marmottan
Yasuda Nagomi Residence
Iogido Cave
Kochi Station
Nora Field Clock
Tei Movable Bridge
Ekin Museum
Godaisan Park Observatory
Katsurahama Beach
Makino Botanical Garden
Kochi Castle

 Local Information Center

Minami Town Tourism Association


Information center located at Roadside Station Hiwasa near JR Hiwasa Station. Nearby sightseeing and lodging information are available.

Guest House/Kitchen Mitsuka


A guest house where you can enjoy home-style cooking in a space that blends Japanese and Western styles.

Guest House Tokumasu


A guest house facing Ozaki Beach on the way to Cape Muroto from Hiwasa.

Aki Tourist Information Center


Information center located near JR Aki Station. Nearby sightseeing and lodging information are available.

 Download map

Route.9 Map Page〔PDF 0.9MB〕
Route.9 Title Page〔PDF 1.3MB〕

For more detailed directions, we recommend that you check the English version of the map “Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (2020)”.
The map will be provided free of charge to the monitor participants.