Kagawa Last Eight Temples


This course features the last eight temples of the pilgrimage route. Walk along flat rural and urban trails, occasionally ups and downs of four mountains. Enjoy a variety of experiences, from a mountain hike to visiting museums.

On the first day, ascend to Goshikidai hill. The path, which is flat and partly steep, is pleasant to walk in the shade of trees. There remain the old stone markers  (Choseki), reminiscent of history. 
If you are a good walker, you might as well pay an extra visit to Temple 81, Shiramineji before Temple 82, Negoroji. The autumn color in the neighborhood attracts many visitors every year. The trail down from Negoroji leads through Kinashi district, home to bonsai cultivation. You can see bonsai trees in progress along the road.

On the second day, walk down the city of Takamatsu. Ritsurin Garden and Tamamo Park of a castle ruin are good options to extend your experience. Both have beautiful Japanese gardens, where you can feel culture and history. Continue uphill to Yashima. Strolling a promenade around Temple No.84, Yashimaji, is highly recommended. 
You will see stone factories on the way to Temple No.85, as the area produces granite stones. There are some museums in the neighborhood. If you find something interesting, please drop in.

On the third day, the route from Temple No.87, Nagaoji, goes uphill. The Maeyama Ohenro Koryu Salon facility, located by Maeyama Dam, has valuable Shikoku pilgrimage materials on display and supports pilgrims climbing Mt.Nyotai. The slope is steep, but please do not rush and enjoy occasional views. A spectacle will pay for your hard work at the peak. A sandy and slippery path descends to Temple No.88, Okuboji. Don’t forget to check the bus timetable as there are only a few buses on the way back.

No.82 Negoroji

No.85 Yakuriji


No.88 Okuboji


Total distance: 65.0km(40.4mi) Level: Intermediate

1Kokubu Station
No.80 Kokubunji
No.82 Negoroji
No.83 Ichinomiyaji
Overnight in Ichinomiya
Kokubunji Ruins
Kokubunji Museum
Bonsai Center
No.81 Shiromineji
2No.84 Yashimaji
No.85 Yakuriji
No.86 Shidoji
Overnight in Shido
Ritsurin Garden
Yashima Castle Ruins
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Stone Museum
3No.87 Nagaoji
Nyotaisan Mountain
No.88 Okuboji
Okuboji Bus Stop
Taka Jizo

 Local Information Center

Maeyama Shikoku Pilgrimage Community Center


A rest stop for pilgrims located near the 88th temple, Okubo-ji. Materials related to Shikoku pilgrimage are on display.

Kappa Dojo


Zen Dojo of the Soto Zen sect. Zazen classes are held from 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Reservations required if you wish to attend.

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For more detailed directions, we recommend that you check the English version of the map “Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (2020)”.
The map will be provided free of charge to the monitor participants.