The Golden route in Ehime


In olden times, pilgrims felt excited when they crossed Misaka Pass and got close to Dogo Hot Spring. Because soaking in a hot spring is the greatest pleasure during the long journey. The path between Misaka Pass and Dogo Onsen is an ideal pilgrimage trail with six temples from No.46 to No.51st lined up at just the ideal intervals. This course is based on this route, with extra hiker-friendly tracks added.

On the first day, the trail ascends from the town area of Kuma Kogen to Temple No.45, Iwayaji. The temple stands as if embedded in huge rocks is very impressive. It is known as a sacred mountain site. A rocky path from the hall goes up to the Seriwari Zenjo, where Kobo-Daishi practiced ascetic training.  It would give a unique experience to rock climbing lovers. You need to pay a small fee at the office to borrow the key to open the gate. The vast area around Iwayaji is designated as a National Scenic Beauty, featuring strange rocks with holes like a beehive.

On the second day, head for Dogo Onsen via the Misaka Pass. The pass is a dividing ridge between the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea. Rainwater flows into the Pacific from the south side. 

The rest of the route is downhill.  The trail proceeds from an agricultural village in a mountain to the city of Matsuyama after crossing the Shigenobu River. Along the way, there are many temples and pilgrimage sites. One of the best places to visit is Jo-no-fuchi, the sanctuary of Temple No.48. It became a beautiful park with a spring water pond where colorful carp swim and water plants sway.

On the third day, head west from Dogo Onsen to visit Temple No.51 to 53. En route, there is a hut named Issoan, where a renowned haiku poet, Taneda Santoka, spent his last years. He left behind many impressive haiku poems related to the journey. The main hall of Temple 52, Taizanji, built more than 700 years ago, is designated as a National Treasure.

No.45 Iwayaji

Misaka Pass

Dogo Onsen

No.52 Taisanji


Total distance: 64.0km(39.8mi) Level: Intermediate

1Kuma-eigyosho Bus Stop
No.44 Daihoji
Hacchozaka Slope
No.45 Iwayaji
Overnight in Hatanogawa,Kuma

Furuiwaya Rock
2Misaka Pass
No.46 Jyoruriji
No.47 Yasakaji
No.48 Sairinji
No.49 Jyodoji
No.50 Hantaji
Overnight in Dogo Onsen
Amikakeishi Rock
Fudahajime Daishido
Watanabe Residence
Jonofuchi Park

Dogo Onsen
3No.51 Ishiteji
No.52 Taisanji
No.53 Enmyoji
Iyo-Wake Station
Matsuyama Castle

 Local Information Center

Kumakofgen-cho Tourism Association


Located in Kuma Kogen, a town rich in nature with an average altitude of 800 meters, information on sightseeing in the area is available.

Cinnamon guest house Dogo


A dormitory-style guesthouse. The owner is a guide interpreter.

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