Fully enjoy the Pacific Ocean


This course takes you to the southern tip of Shikoku Island. You can enjoy a dynamic landscape characterized by a big sky, mountain greenery, and a blue ocean with big waves.

Start from JR Tosa Saga Station in Kuroshio Town, home to katsuo (skipjack tuna). A  restaurant “Kuroshio Ichiban-gai” near the fishing port serves a tasty local specialty, katsuo no tataki or skipjack tuna grilled over a straw fire. Please don’t lose track of time while savoring it. After walking on busy national roads, you will reach Irino Beach. The sea breeze and a fantastic seascape reward your hard work.

On the second day, there are two trail options. The recommended one is Shimoda Route on the ocean side dotted with the surfers’ beaches. A small ferry takes you from the mouth of the Shimanto River to the other side. No sailings during high or rough water. Please make a call (Mr. Oki 090-8698-3809) and confirm the day before. (*As of July 27, 2021, the ferry is out of service). 

The other option is Shimanto River Route, along a path via Shimanto Wild Bird Park. The fresh streams may refresh you. Both routes proceed to Shinnen-an hut in a forested area. The monk Shinnen, who wrote the first guidebook on the pilgrimage in the 17th century, used it.  

On the third day, soon after the departure, you will come upon Oki no Hama Beach. It is a natural beach, untouched by embankments. Your bare feet feel good on the smooth sandy beach. One thing to note. There are streams to cross at the beach. Unfortunately, there is no bridge on the southern side while the north side has one. So if the water level is high, avoid the beach and choose the national road. 

The trail splits into two past Ibuki Port. One is a regional road. The other is an old trail called the Kujira Michi lined with old path markers and restored recently. Although the track in the grove does not offer an ocean view, it is highly recommended. Around Cape Ashizuri, the goal of the tour, you can’t miss Temple No. 38, Kongofukuji and an arched rock,Hakusan Domon, in the sea.

Okinohama Beach

No.38 Kongofukuji

Cape Ashizuri


Total distance: 63.0km(39.1mi) Level: Beginner

1Tosa-saga Station
Irino Coast
Overnight in Irino
Tosa Saga Observation park
Shirahama Beach
Shimannto Bridge
Shin-Izuta Tunnel
Okinohama Beach
Overnight in Shimonokae
Shimoda Route (Coastal route)
Shimoda Ferry (Reservation required)
Shimanto River Wild Bird Park
No.38 Kongofukuji
Cape Ashizuri
Cape Ashizuri Bus Stop
Iburi Marine Biological Laboratory

Shirao-jinja Shrine
Hakusan Sea Cave

 Local Information Center

Penshion Hirano&Cafe SORA


A simple, bed without meals. There is a surf beach and pilgrim ferry nearby.

Guest House Tamura


A homey guest house located near Cape Ashizuri.

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For more detailed directions, we recommend that you check the English version of the map “Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (2020)”.
The map will be provided free of charge to the monitor participants.