Sea, Mountain, and Village in Kochi


On the first day, go west from Aki Station along the Pacific Ocean, stretching out on your left. From Aki Fishing Port near the starting point, follow a 17 km cycling road converted from a railroad track. Without being distracted by cars, you can enjoy hiking with a view of a bow-shaped sandy beach.

Time permitting before the hike, you can explore the old district of Aki named Doi Kachu, where samurai residences and Nora Field Clock remain. Bikes are available for free at the station.

On the second day,  the trail leads to the inland area. Shortly after leaving the seaside, visit a small museum called Ekin-gura. It exhibits the works of Kinzo, an official painter of the Tosa Domain in the Edo period. It is worth viewing his unique style characterized by beautiful or scary scenes from Kabuki on folding screens. 

The route via Temple No. 28, Dainichiji, will take you to the countryside. Irrigation channels with water running along the road tell it is a rich agricultural area. Temple No. 29, Kokubunji, is where a provincial office in the ancient period was located.

On the third day, walk through the urban area of Kochi. Continue along roads by a highway or cross busy streets. Then hike up Mt.Godai, which was developed as a park to offer a relaxation spot for citizens. There is Makino Botanical Garden with so many things to see. Next to it is Temple No. 28, Chikurinji. A garden in the temple ground is a must-see, designed by Muso Soseki, a renowned Japanese gardener.  There are lots of other sightseeing spots in Kochi city, such as Katsurahama Beach and Kochi Castle. Enjoy them as much as time allows.

Nora Field Clock

Ekin Museum

Makino Botanical Garden
No.31 Chikurinji


Total distance: 62.0km(38.5mi) Level: Beginner

1Aki Station
Akano Rest
Rest Hut Kuriyama
Overnight in Yasu
Samurai Residence Street
Farmer’s Clock

2No.28 Dainichiji
Rest hut Matsumoto-daishido
No.29 Kokubunji
No.30 Zenrakuji
Overnight near Zenrakuji
Tei Movable Bridge
Ekin Museum
Bentenza Theater
Tosa Shrine
3No.31 Chikurinji
No.32 Zenjibuji
Ferry Transportation(Tanezaki~Kajigaura)
No.33 Sekkeiji
Nagahama Bus Stop
Godaisan Park
Makino Botanical Garden
Kochi Castle
Katsurahama Beach

 Local Information Center

Aki Tourisrt Information


Information center located near JR Aki Station. Nearby sightseeing and lodging information are available.

Inn Kacho-fugetsu


A guest house near the 30th temple, Zengakuji. Women-only rooms available.

Hostel Kochi-no-ya


A tasteful guest house renovated from an 80-year-old Japanese traditional house. English is available. 7 minutes walk from JR Aki Station.

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